Stock Bot to Arduino

The original StockBot was built on the Netduino platform.  I’ve been working on the code for the Arduino platform and have now assembled working code.  I can’t claim it is stable yet but it’s doing the job for now.

I am using the Ethernet Arduino.  As I explore a number of things all the time, I have also made a shield for the Arduino to see if this project could become a kit for others to build.  A little stuck on a source for Numitron tubes so I am trying to make the board generic enough to take a tube or a normal led display (still puzzling that through).

Let me clean up the code – I’ll take a hard look at it over the next month.  Maybe after the skis hit the slopes in Whistler I’ll have something to post and walk everyone through. Early December if you don’t ski or board.

What’s StockBot – here’s the beginning post

Here are the prototype boards I had made.  They have a nasty bug but I learned something (and could fix it so all is good).

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  1. Notes about making a shield board. Things to consider. The Arduino you plan to make it for is important. This one will run on the Ethernet Arduino and others. Don’t clobber pins others will need or add on shields use (if you can help it). More in the code but for now there is the SPI communication with the network chip and the SD card slot. Also keep free other pins to. I’ll bring up some pins for I2C to the top for a BlinkM. What remains I can use to control the numeric display chip. If I used random pins in the shield I’d not enable people to use other functions of the Arduino to expand their projects beyond my limited goals. Just thinking out loud.

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