Countdown to Zero Day

Thank you for scanning the QR code.  I hope you enjoy reading the book. You’ve now adopted this book and taken on the responsibility of caring for it as long as it remains relevant.  This means;

You will not let the book come to harm. You will not leave this book on a shelf forever – it wants to be read. You will pass the book on once you’ve read it (or in 90 days). You will show the new caretaker of the book the scan code.

Beyond that you are free to do what you think is right for this book. Please comment on this page if you wish. Tell people about how the book was good or bad, helpful or otherwise. You are welcome to buy a fresh copy of the book with the affiliated link below (it will support this site). If you want a scan code for your new book I can send you an image to print this book’s code or you can make a clean photocopy of the current code in the book. The more books running about in the wild the better.

The Amazon link for this book is here Countdown to Zero Day

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