Current 2024 project that has roots going way back: Pixel Link v3.3 is almost done.

The rest here (if it survived the move) is super old, and I am leaving it here as a reminder about this older project. Fishtweet I understand, did perhaps inspire Jayfish, and I am happy to have been exploring in the right place and at the right time for that inspiration to have been effective. Always swim up (unless you’re a fish perhaps).

Projects are indeed running a bit slow. FishTweet has hit some insurmountable walls.  Mainly I moved and no longer have a fish tank to use as the source data.  A new simple project using netduino is in the works.  This should be up before December 2011.  The fishtweet page will remain and get some clean up and final images (as the project came very close to being done and some day may still have a new purpose).