McYork Dot Com moves ideas into actions.  A small group of like minded individuals that love to think about technology and the future.  McYork’s main office is any random Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon (Um guess that’s not quite true these days).

McYork has been around in one form or another since 1986 when the founder took on his first data conversion project.  Ever since then the midnight oil company has been slowly burning the other end of the candle.  Lotus 123 was big in the early 90’s and several amazing automated billing systems were built for a food services group.  As the web appeared McYork built a small web hosting service and was able to fill a niche for a number of years.

Most of us work in IT and combined there’s over 50++ years of IT experience and skills on the team.

We know Windows, Internet DNS, hosting, firewalls, security, load balancers, electronics, routing and switching, wifi, enterprise tools, IoT, actually this list could get quite long.  If it has to do with IT in a work environment we’ve seen it or heard about it and probably used it.

This site / blog intends to be the place where ideas, thoughts, projects and whims are presented without any formal hoopla.  When we link to products or services we do so because we find value in them.  Comments on the site are locked after some time and frankly we get spam comments all the time.  If you want to comment on  a post you may send us the link and your comments and we can post it on your behalf.  Send to feedback@mcyork.com.

Full disclosure; when we can we will use an affiliate link to the products we mention.  This is not a money making scam or any such thing – we believe the products to be useful to those that are interested in them and the small trickle of kick backs it provides help keep this site running.