Google please put a Hypervisor into Chrome OS so I can make money while I sleep.

Clearly with a few clicks I should be able to make your rain drop OS load and run concurrently on my machine. A rain drop OS is of course one little tiny part of a cloud. Minuscule in fact. Google you are the one that will enable us to monetize that idle CPU, I know you are. It is not difficult to imagine, is it? A little memory, a little cpu, some drive space and network. There must be a process out there that needs running – now! Keep the new data center costs flat – and absorb the spikes – right on my machine. Scaled to a billion instantly grow to a gazillion – faster.

Now with an open hypervisor in Chrome OS, clearly others should be able to take a run at super scale – I mean there are still aliens out there to be found, genomes to be processed. Won’t this all just be fun!

It is RSR season…

Talk to me about my RSR shirt

Just saying – RSR – Reality Show Rage is back. They are about to vote off the last American Idol. This will be fun. At least RSR is not yet a crime. However it is a growing problem we should all take a little more seriously than we do. This post may imply RSR is somewhat of a joke. It is not. There should be a Wikipedia page on it by now, but we all just ignore it, pretend it does not exist. How many items will be thrown across the room tonight by those engrossed in a trivial staged and persistent “reality show”. Millions of potentially intelligent, yet brain washed TV viewers (who also watch Nancy Grace, OMG) are about to explode tonight with the final RSR fireworks.

Support RSR research – vote with your money and buy the shirt – when you have it on NEXT TIME – your vote will count and your Idol will WIN !

(Idol can be replaced with survivor, handyman, biggest loser, amazing racer)

If you can think it – cloud computing – super nova

Everyone wants to have a cloud “solution” and I respect that.  Few define what a cloud is but that’s not really the point.  For this post I’ll assume Google or Amazon like clouds that provide raw compute or storage.

He he.. So you have a huge bot net, and you are having a tough time selling denial and destroy functionality.  The whole extortion racket is a little hard to maintain?  This is the post for you!

Why not convert the amazing power and storage capabilities under your control to sell “legitimate” cloud computing solutions.  I mean do we REALLY know those other players have actual databases and physical machines for their clouds?  Maybe they just have enough code running on enough people’s machines to provide a service people will pay for.  You could rent some big buildings, make them “secret”, use huge amounts of power to heat pools and play indoor whatever games, write it all off as expense, and have people pay you to use other people’s computers as part of your cloud service offering.

In today’s tough times with the FBI and other agencies getting wise to all your prior antics – isn’t it time to step it up a notch?

Heck, your bots can be distributed as legitimate software that allow people to take part in providing cloud resources.  You may even pay people to join their computers to your cloud system.  Half a million PCs or so and you can resell almost all of that capacity as if it were your own.  How cool will that be!  Why not 10 million machines!

In fact – you’d be so big and so popular that you could be called something entirely new.  Those little puffy clouds would look silly far up in the sky, disconnected from everything, raining here and there but not everywhere.  Nothing on Earth could describe the power.  We’d have to call it “Black Hole” computing.

Join the darknet

One reason some will like the new iPad

I am a big fan of Cisco coming down to earth where we can all interact with the technology they produce.  One very powerful tool they have bought and extended is WebEx.  There are not too many in the remote desktop space with the breadth of WebEx.

I see that one of the new iPad applications is a WebEx client.  That’s a perfect personal format to watch a presentation.  On the iPhone the technology was only cool – as the screen was honestly too small.

iPad will rock this application.

McYork is inspired every time we come across one of these “fit to form” applications.