Starbucks / Bell portal change – working on a fix.

The Canada Starbucks portal now detects iPhones and presents a new intermediate page.  This page is intended for Bell iPhone (and maybe Bell smart phone) users.  We of course currently all have either Rogers phones or somehow got out of jail.  So this page does not help us at all.  The current plan is to try and detect the detection and submit the “other” choice and then continue with the login as was done before.

The good news will be we should then be saving you one more swipe and tap.

The McYork Support Team

Home page now out of Beta – Content growing

It has taken a while to “bite the bullet” and move from just html (back) to WordPress.  We realized we are not building the ultimate web site (shocking I know).  We need something we can use and update often and without complex tools installed on everyone’s machine.  It was settled on to use WordPress.  Once we found a theme that worked out of the gate – we could lift the veil off the Beta version.  Yes it is all fairly simple and less than customized.

Part of the theme re-formats the site for the iPhone – we thought that may be a good thing considering we sell iPhone apps now.  There is room for improvement here and getting our tags and categories setup may help navigation when the site is viewed on the iPhone.

Overall there are three important sections (that will get refined edits as time passes):

  • Products
  • Projects
  • News

Products will be the place to start.  Here you can get the scoop on our current iPhone applications and anything else we put together.  Most products are of course for sale and you should buy one for yourself.

Projects is a place we (and mostly Ian) will post pages about some of the hobby electronics that involve much of our spare time (in bursts).  These project pages will be edited and re-edited until one day it reads well and the project is complete (one hopes).

News is what you are reading now – a more dynamic feed that will have posts as things change on the site or McYork has something to say.  We are not too chatty so you will want us in your RSS feed reader to catch the new postings when they come out.