Rogers Pooched my 3G iPad and weekend – auto renew FAIL

Seems when Rogers did the magic auto renew stuff with Apple iTunes or however it is glued together, it all fell apart.  I give my experience of auto-renew an epic FAIL.  July 1st long weekend started Thursday and my iPad 3G stopped working the day before.  I am going on a 4 day weekend with 8 geeks that do not yet have iPads.  Who each influence 10 to 100+ geeks.  They all still don’t have iPads (and none will likely have Rogers 3G iPads).  Of all things I am posting this from a computer with a keyboard – how painfully near real-time / out of touch is that!  I could not bring myself to “show it off” when it had no network access.  It was camping in the woods – wifi was distant.  3G would have worked (iPhone had no issues).  Several *611 calls have enabled me to talk to many friendly people – none of which have resolved the fact that I have no 3G wireless access via my iPad yet.  I seem to have paid for 3G access.  Just have not seen any on my iPad yet.  It is July 5th today FYI, Rogers.

Rogers – where is the front page link to the solution I need?  This did not affect anyone else?

Rogers – where is the email with the link to the fix I need? I have made phone calls…

Rogers where is the phone call and or voicemail telling me what to click to fix this? you said someone would get back to me.

Apple where is my Bell or Telus SIM (Telus plan looks like it sucks, I’ll take Bell please). Consider sending one out to all iPad owners proactively and thus encourage a competitive mobile data market in Canada.

Rogers, please refund me all the missed days – still missing… and credit me a good chunk if I am going to stick around.

Bell, I am probably asking Rogers to get out of my iPad and I’d like to invite you in.  Call me.

UPDATE: July 8th – no 3G data yet.  Was given a ticket number for the affected users.  I assumed they’d put me on a list of iPads to fix when I called them on June 30th… but calling again on July 6th(?) got me on the list (again?).  They are keeping a list – are you on the list?

UPDATE: July 12th – no 3G data yet.  The main ticket number provided to me was PT00016046 if anyone has any ideas on how to move this along – that’d be nice.

UPDATE: July 17th – OK I woke up today and 3G is now working on my iPad.  How’d that magic happen?  Not sure.  A re-boot helped it sync time properly (was a few minutes off).  Now – I have 13 days remaining on my 30 days with zero ability to use data for those days gone by – there has to be something that will just magically fix that too?  Ready and waiting for the clock to be reset.  It is not my idea of fun to hang out on a support line.  Nor is it my idea of fun to be called and told to call support (and maybe later in the day to avoid the wait time).  As much as I use Rogers (three accounts) I am not wishing this experience on others.  Currently, the display on the “cellular data” link says it expires on 07/30/10.  I hope this date moves – I dread calling yet again, but perhaps I may, just to voice the concept that our agreement has not been met (me data, you money).