Google please put a Hypervisor into Chrome OS so I can make money while I sleep.

Clearly with a few clicks I should be able to make your rain drop OS load and run concurrently on my machine. A rain drop OS is of course one little tiny part of a cloud. Minuscule in fact. Google you are the one that will enable us to monetize that idle CPU, I know you are. It is not difficult to imagine, is it? A little memory, a little cpu, some drive space and network. There must be a process out there that needs running – now! Keep the new data center costs flat – and absorb the spikes – right on my machine. Scaled to a billion instantly grow to a gazillion – faster.

Now with an open hypervisor in Chrome OS, clearly others should be able to take a run at super scale – I mean there are still aliens out there to be found, genomes to be processed. Won’t this all just be fun!

It is RSR season…

Talk to me about my RSR shirt

Just saying – RSR – Reality Show Rage is back. They are about to vote off the last American Idol. This will be fun. At least RSR is not yet a crime. However it is a growing problem we should all take a little more seriously than we do. This post may imply RSR is somewhat of a joke. It is not. There should be a Wikipedia page on it by now, but we all just ignore it, pretend it does not exist. How many items will be thrown across the room tonight by those engrossed in a trivial staged and persistent “reality show”. Millions of potentially intelligent, yet brain washed TV viewers (who also watch Nancy Grace, OMG) are about to explode tonight with the final RSR fireworks.

Support RSR research – vote with your money and buy the shirt – when you have it on NEXT TIME – your vote will count and your Idol will WIN !

(Idol can be replaced with survivor, handyman, biggest loser, amazing racer)

Coffee Shop 1.8 in the pipe.

Yet another update – and yes we are not happy that there was yet another significant change to the portals.  The good news is that every time the portals change we get the opportunity to think about how we can also improve our code base and make it more flexible and robust.

If you have been watching, version 1.7 logs you in just fine – but fails to dismiss the please wait popup.  The final login page and how we detect it is now more robust in version 1.8.  We just posted it to the iTunes site and the approvals can take up to 14 days.

Please use 1.7 and just close it once you see that the login has been done behind the popup – you are on the Internet.  Opening the program a second time will load your session page and you can logout when you need to.

Coffee Shop Login 1.7 now on-line

This version will now properly bypass the Bell iPhone prompt for your Bell phone number. We don’t have a Bell phone and suspect most of you also don’t (yet). We now detect this annoying page and move on to the normal login page. iTouch users will not have seen this issue because it looks like Bell is able to tell the difference between a phone and a touch.

If anyone with a Bell iPhone can tell us what happens (how the login proceeds and if it remembers you next time) we’d like to try an enhancement so you can use this app too (if/when you switch from Rogers).

Get the new version now in the app store by checking for updates.  Buy it now if you don’t have it (opens iTunes).

Starbucks / Bell portal change – working on a fix.

The Canada Starbucks portal now detects iPhones and presents a new intermediate page.  This page is intended for Bell iPhone (and maybe Bell smart phone) users.  We of course currently all have either Rogers phones or somehow got out of jail.  So this page does not help us at all.  The current plan is to try and detect the detection and submit the “other” choice and then continue with the login as was done before.

The good news will be we should then be saving you one more swipe and tap.

The McYork Support Team

Home page now out of Beta – Content growing

It has taken a while to “bite the bullet” and move from just html (back) to WordPress.  We realized we are not building the ultimate web site (shocking I know).  We need something we can use and update often and without complex tools installed on everyone’s machine.  It was settled on to use WordPress.  Once we found a theme that worked out of the gate – we could lift the veil off the Beta version.  Yes it is all fairly simple and less than customized.

Part of the theme re-formats the site for the iPhone – we thought that may be a good thing considering we sell iPhone apps now.  There is room for improvement here and getting our tags and categories setup may help navigation when the site is viewed on the iPhone.

Overall there are three important sections (that will get refined edits as time passes):

  • Products
  • Projects
  • News

Products will be the place to start.  Here you can get the scoop on our current iPhone applications and anything else we put together.  Most products are of course for sale and you should buy one for yourself.

Projects is a place we (and mostly Ian) will post pages about some of the hobby electronics that involve much of our spare time (in bursts).  These project pages will be edited and re-edited until one day it reads well and the project is complete (one hopes).

News is what you are reading now – a more dynamic feed that will have posts as things change on the site or McYork has something to say.  We are not too chatty so you will want us in your RSS feed reader to catch the new postings when they come out.

Apple Approves Coffee Shop Login v1.6 – 300 update in first day.

Over 300 people have the new v1.6 already.  Combined with the Apple 3.1 OS this is the best version yet.

Added to this version is password blanking on the data entry screens.  Now your Starbucks passwords are no longer in the clear for others to see (or if your device is used by others).  This user requested feature made a lot of sense once Starbucks linked the wifi login to a real account and not an arbitrary card# and pin.

Also in this version we’ve taken care of “please wait” dialog issues.  This popup now properly goes away.  The page you end up on – wait a few seconds – and it should refresh to the login statistics page (time remaining).

Please note again: We have not been able to overcome issues with the Apple 3.0 OS and users of 3.0 OS should move to 3.1 where changes by Apple at the OS level restore our programs functionality.  In other words use any current Apple iPhone/iTouch OS other than the 3.0.x versions and you will find your logins to be simple and swift again.