Blinking LEDs with a 556 timer chip (beyond the basics)

This is not a how-to. I am learning in broad daylight how to do this.  You are welcome to watch. Not sure how this will go but using Upverter to design this simple circuit seemed like one way to go about it. The goal is to use a 556 timer and a limited number of additional parts. Learning electronics and the tool both at the same time may be a mistake – I am aiming for a wonderful mistake 🙂

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  1. This is now (step 289) ready to build out on a proto board. It seems to work. I get two or three “eye” flashes every 18 seconds or so. If you have a simulator like iCircuit you should be able to see the two timer wave forms. The “trick” to combining the waves is an OR gate. If you have not looked into the physical manifestation of an OR gate look at how the two transistors in this project are paired facing each other. My Upverter skills are not there yet so I will make this in Eagle too so I can start on a board design. The current design runs well off a 9V for a good while (a day?). All the areas where this could be made even more efficient are welcome hint and tips. Sign up to Upverter to comment directly on the project’s page if you can.

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