Project North Pole – “doe a dear”

So far all I have is a wish list on Sparkfun that will someday reflect the entire bundle of parts I plan to use.  The object is to control 8 strings (or more) of lights as a simple display for the front yard around December or Late October (with the right music).  I’ll need at least a year from now I imagine before I get anything running.


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  1. Christmas is here, where are the lights flashing to sounds? It turns out to do this with an Arduino is a fairly complicated bit of learning. We do need some light display this year, so I have been coding the Arduino to flash the lights without sound. However I’ve become stuck on this Binary Tree problem (Not to be confused – as Wikipedia suggests – with B-tree). It seems perhaps Wikipedia is also a bit confused too. I am about to crack this problem… stay tuned.

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