ThinkUp App has your back(up).

I have always believed in my notion that we live on the crest of (various) information waves.  Anything that will save us from living within a single distracted minute is a good thing.  ThinkUp can backup the social network data that’s flowing backward off the waves and out of site as you surf towards the infinite shore.  ThinkUp analyzes all the data it collects.  ThinkUp gives you insights and information previously the domain of the social networks and not shared with you.

ThinkUp is (today) still a bit more geek-oriented than “click and go” user-friendly.  For someone that cares about their data (analysis) and has an Amazon AWS account – very simple to install, run, and setup as the documentation is some of the best and most directly useful that I have ever read.  AWS Get Started @ ThinkUp.

For me the best page to read was this one about the inspiration(s) for ThinkUP.  I had no idea that even 3/4 of those companies/services existed.  I found it a quick guide to the current ‘state of the web’ for the core ideas ThinkUp has formed around.  I am glad to say I stand with ThinkUp as “the one” of these many I may be able to contribute to in the future.