Working on fishtweet

With the WordPress app on the iPhone I think the blog roll here will have a few more updates. Shorter. That may be a good or bad thing. Time will tell.

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  1. For the record. Fishtweet, or TwitterFish as we’ve started to call it, is a fully idle project now. We’ve taken the BlinkM and are using it in a Halloween Haunt effect (glowing BioHazard sign), also the Arduino is at the haunt flickering the florescent and incandescent lamps (with the addition of a cool relay board). The LCD and I2C LCD controller are to be used in a macro selector for on-line gaming as a friend can’t use a keyboard so well.

    But why stop the project now? Well we don’t have a fish tank at home or work anymore. However there’s an aquaponics ( green house a new friend is building. It may be that I write some event driven code to make use of the different sensors, pumps, heaters, fans and such a simpler problem for those that dive into the field of fish poop and tomatos.

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