It is RSR season…

Talk to me about my RSR shirt

Just saying – RSR – Reality Show Rage is back. They are about to vote off the last American Idol. This will be fun. At least RSR is not yet a crime. However it is a growing problem we should all take a little more seriously than we do. This post may imply RSR is somewhat of a joke. It is not. There should be a Wikipedia page on it by now, but we all just ignore it, pretend it does not exist. How many items will be thrown across the room tonight by those engrossed in a trivial staged and persistent “reality show”. Millions of potentially intelligent, yet brain washed TV viewers (who also watch Nancy Grace, OMG) are about to explode tonight with the final RSR fireworks.

Support RSR research – vote with your money and buy the shirt – when you have it on NEXT TIME – your vote will count and your Idol will WIN !

(Idol can be replaced with survivor, handyman, biggest loser, amazing racer)