Google please put a Hypervisor into Chrome OS so I can make money while I sleep.

Clearly with a few clicks I should be able to make your rain drop OS load and run concurrently on my machine. A rain drop OS is of course one little tiny part of a cloud. Minuscule in fact. Google you are the one that will enable us to monetize that idle CPU, I know you are. It is not difficult to imagine, is it? A little memory, a little cpu, some drive space and network. There must be a process out there that needs running – now! Keep the new data center costs flat – and absorb the spikes – right on my machine. Scaled to a billion instantly grow to a gazillion – faster.

Now with an open hypervisor in Chrome OS, clearly others should be able to take a run at super scale – I mean there are still aliens out there to be found, genomes to be processed. Won’t this all just be fun!