Coffee Shop login v1.8 stable

v1.8 has been out for a while – we are pleased to say that there have been no complaints. If you have some issues you have been holding back on please email us and we will look into them (

For a week there in February we let the app price fall to free.  This was to help out those international guests attending the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games in Canada’s west.  We are happy to have helped out (and the McYork Dot Com staff volunteered for various events at the Olympic Games).

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  1. As Starbucks Canada slowly figured out how to make free WiFi a single click Coffee Shop Login lost its value. It has been removed from the iTunes store. However when a niche presents itself in the future and we think we can make life simpler for people, we will write such an app again. Thank you everyone for the support.

    Our free Cheap Stuff app is begging us to be updated – maybe over the winter we will find the time to code an update with some new features. This is a hobby on top of a hobby on top of a day job, so time will pass as always, then poof an update out of the blue.

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