Coffee Shop 1.8 in the pipe.

Yet another update – and yes we are not happy that there was yet another significant change to the portals.  The good news is that every time the portals change we get the opportunity to think about how we can also improve our code base and make it more flexible and robust.

If you have been watching, version 1.7 logs you in just fine – but fails to dismiss the please wait popup.  The final login page and how we detect it is now more robust in version 1.8.  We just posted it to the iTunes site and the approvals can take up to 14 days.

Please use 1.7 and just close it once you see that the login has been done behind the popup – you are on the Internet.  Opening the program a second time will load your session page and you can logout when you need to.

One Reply to “Coffee Shop 1.8 in the pipe.”

  1. Hi,
    I cannot get this to work properly. Every time I click it gives me message
    to unable wi-fi which is already enabled. It drops my wi-fi.


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