McYork changes website – provides more frequent updates

We have moved to a proper web editing tool (WordPress) and with this move it is expected that when our products and projects have news and updates this site will present those in a more real time manner.

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  1. Ha, I just re-read this post. Now wasn’t that optimistic. At least I fixed the ability to post comments (even if I am the only one posting on my own content so far). Forever no comments could be posted. I broke it (intentionally when I had way too much comment spam). Added the captcha and fixed it all up – still no comments yet 🙂 That’s not true – there have been 2 link spam comments posted. If you pass the captcha and post only a link and/or your name is a link and you only say generic nice things about my site – yer spam. That seems to be the pattern anyhow. I am the turing test behind the turing test. This also means your real comment will be held until I release them, so “Like” or “+1” the post so you get some instant gratification in the interim.

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